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HisRadio.comHisRadio.com is the website of 89.

3 FM and 660 AM His Radio, the radio that broadcasts contemporary Christian music in Greenville, SC and to other affiliate stations. From the site you will be able to listen online; be sure to check out the Now Playing section, see what´s on right now, and if interested, listen the radio online. His Radio-related articles are displayed all over the page for you to check out; if interested in any in particular, click on the image and get all the information available. Many other features are provided on the site for you to enjoy, such as family photos, family calendar, Bible study tools, and more. So, if interested, be sure to explore all the categories displayed on the left side of the page, click on the ones you are interested in and enjoy. If you want to check your favorite radio shows´ hours, or you would like to know what´s on right now, be sure to go to the program schedule and learn all about the programs. HisRadio.com