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Hipmunk.comA young startup that comes from the Valley, Hipmunk offers a fresh take on how flights are searched. When you first look at the site, it doesn’t appear to be that radically different: you have all your standard options for carrying out searches like being able to specify the date of departure and the location you are headed to.


You are also requested to set down the number of people that are traveling with you and your preferred airline. That is, the prototypical information that sites like these always ask. The difference, though, is felt in the way that the results are presented back to you and processed.

Instead of displaying a list of available options for you to scroll it up and down, what Hipmunk does is to present you with all the flights in a grid. The flight time is shown on the horizontal axis, and the prices are shown on the vertical axis.

This might not sound that radical, but believe me that the difference is felt. You get to see more data at the same time, and in a way that is unequivocal. And the fact that Hipmunk automatically removes “bad” flight for you is a great plus. These are flights that cost more than others and that have more stops than necessary. Having these filtered can but let you save even more time. In Their Own Words

“Better Flight Search.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site updates the way in which flights are traditionally searched online, and it has found a way to present results in a more relevant context.

Some Questions About

How will this technology be used next?


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