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Hideandfur.comThe Moscow Hide And Fur store is a retailer of furs and related products which can be found online at

The items that make up the inventory can be browsed through by means of a provided navigation menu that includes categories such as “Buckskin & Leather”, “Tanned Furs” and “Antlers & Horns”. In addition to that, items for taxidermy work are stored online as well. On the other hand, it is possible to visualize the available items by price range, whereas products that benefit from discount prices can be found on the page that goes by the name of “Specials”. The most recent additions to the catalog are likewise spotlighted on the main page. Pictures are included for all the stored items. A section entitled “Projects & Ideas Gallery” includes information on selected items that are made from the wildlife products that the company deals in, as well as information on the craftspeople who make them.

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