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HeyStaks.comIn the wake of Facebook, everybody has realized that anything has to be social to succeed nowadays. And searching for information online could be no exception to this rule – a rule that despite being new is already carved in stone.


Google itself has announced its plan to add a social layer to its search technology. Yet, until that moment arrives applications like Hey Staks will let us satisfy our curiosity and figure out what a social search experience feels like.

What Hey Staks does is to let us pool search results from our social graphs. Through this application, we can see what those we are friends online with have been searching, and have a better idea of which search results we should focus on, and which are to be entirely obviated.

The best (and most recurrent) searches that our friends have carried out are actually grouped for us. Each group is called a Stak, and each brings the most relevant results on individual subjects together. Staks can deal with just anything – there are as many of them as people actually searching the Web. And we (as user of this service) get to choose which Staks to follow, and collaborate with. In Their Own Words

Web search. Shared.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Adding a social layer to search processes is just the logical thing to do in these days.

Some Questions About

How far can this get? What might help it succeed?


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