search cancel – Unusual Great Plants is a website dedicated to talk about unusual great plants such as Perennials, Grasses, Shrubs, and Trees.


If you want to look for any of these family plants, you can search them by name; they are listed in alphabetical order. Once you click in the type of plant you wanted, it will appear a picture with a short description including size, cares, and much more. Since they offer a wide range of new and unusual plants, it is impossible to include cultural information for each plant in each region of the country. If you want to now some cultural information about a plant you have ordered, you can ask via mail, fax, or email. For general information about the plants you have ordered, they suggest that you consult your favorite reference book, your local agricultural extension service, or regional gardening literature. You can experience Heronswood by signing up for their newsletter.


Author : Pat Gregson

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