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HerbChina2000.comHerbChina2000.com is a site that offers proven Chinese herbal remedies for refractory diseases, and all are well chosen herbal remedies available to order online.

Once you order a herbal remedy, you will be able to figure out your symptoms by using the online questionnaire system; in this way a basic herbal recipe could be customized and optimized by adding or removing some herbs to address the individual symptoms exactly. Within the Remedies section you will be able to find contents by System, and index from A to Z where you will find all the different health problems you could be suffering from and the answers to them, a quick search bar and the possibility of sending an inquiry; if you are interested in gaining more knowledge, you will be able to find within the Information section the Frequently Asked Questions, the shipping and privacy policy, conditions of use and more information about Chinese Herbs. HerbChina2000.com