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HerbalLegacy.comHerbal Legacy is a portal that provides information on the formulas created by Dr. John R.

Christopher, an expert on natural healing. The site collects together his most notable formulas along with cleansing programs and recipes for a healthy diet. Assorted writings by Dr. Christopher can be procured online as well. The contents of the website can be accessed by means of the provided navigation menu. Likewise, a search tool is featured and it enables the visitor to look up specific items of interest within the Herbal Legacy website. Information on classes available from the School Of Natural Healing is provided as well, along with a course-by-course description. It must be pointed out that the site only provides educational resources – it does not sell any product or herbal supplement whatsoever. On the other hand, current business opportunities in the field of herbology can be perused by following the provided link.

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