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Hepatitis-Central.comWe all have heard about hepatitis C but most certainly everybody or almost everyone is uniformed about the most prevalent liver disease in the world, an actual epidemic. Because a patient living with Hepatitis C can be infected for many years before discovering it, it is frequently called the silent epidemic.


Let’s finish that silence by promoting information sources with the latest research and treatment news about this infection, diagnosis, symptoms and treatments at About 2,759 pages were included within this incredible health resource. If you are interested in finding out more a specific aspect of this disease you can search the entire site by keyword in the box at the upper right which will display a list of all the topics and links to be redirected to the specific topic you were seeking for. When you meet someone or love someone living with Hepatitis C, you need as much reliable information as you can find. is here to help educate patients and their families about hepatitis, its symptoms and all the available treatment options. Press releases and new publications are constantly scanned along with news reports and clinical trial results, therefore this website will be where you will first learn about treatments and critical information about this prevalent disease.


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