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HebCal.comAre you Jewish? Are you interested in the Jewish community? Are you interested in the Jewish faith? If you want to know anything about Jews and their calendar, you should log on to is the home to the Jewish calendar, Hebrew date converter, and Shabbat Times newspaper. Under the category ¨Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar, ¨ you will be able to find the calendar of Jewish holidays for any year, from 0001 – 9999. You can also customize your search on candle lighting times based on the city you are actually residing. Under the ¨Hebrew Date Converter¨ section, you will be able to convert between Hebrew and Gregorian dates. There are also many other categories on the home page, including: Shabbat candle lighting times, Jewish holidays, Yahzreit, Birthday, and Anniversary Calendar, Torah readings, and many more categories. Please head to for all your Jewish calendar information.


Author : Caroline Bright

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