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HealthInReach.comA newly-launched website, Health In Reach enables people to find healthcare professionals based on the exact criteria that they submit, get to know more about them right away, and (what’s even more interesting) make an online booking straight from the browser.

Let’s take a closer look at all these functionalities To begin with, the search of doctors is as simple as specifying your ZIP code and the specialty in question.

Upon doing so, a list of healthcare professionals who are situated where you have requested will be displayed. You simply have to browse through the list, and by clicking on the “Details and booking” button you will be able to know more about each professional and also make an appointment. Each doctor is rated, and in most cases you will get to learn how much he charges right when the search results are displayed.

Alternatively, you can look up doctors by name. And you can also execute searches based on the condition that you are suffering from, or by the name of a treatment. This means that if a friend ever mentions a treatment to you that you know nothing about (but which he claims that can do miracles) then you will be able to learn more about it yourself just by looking it up here. In Their Own Words

“See who you want, when you want, and save money. With HealthInReach you find top doctors, book appointments online, and communicate securely anytime. It’s fast and free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ease in which information can be accessed and weighed up might turn it into a more than interesting point of reference for people looking for medical assistance, specially when more and more parts of the US are covered.

Some Questions About

Which territories are to be covered next?