KillerStartups – Everything Scary On Planet Earth is a site for the really brave and fearless, as it puts together a huge variety of spooky things, from real-life stories about haunted houses, pumpkin patches and cornfields to spooky videos, image galleries and a calendar of Halloween related parties and events, plus horror costume parties taking place around the nation.

The site relies heavily on user submissions to build content, so if you have stories to tell, make sure you vent them here, where a huge community of terror story fans awaits. Using the site to find a haunted house or any other spooky destinations in the US is easy, as you have to select your state from a map, and then a list of all the reported locations appears, about which you can go on to read in detail, though note that advertisements for attractions tend to crowd the search results and make the whole thing a bit confusing. Maybe you are not that interested in real-life haunted houses (it might be too spooky, especially if you’ve read the articles here!), but you might want to learn about touristic attractions throughout the country to visit this summer, and can help you do just that. Also cool is the variety of suggested eCommerce sites where you can get Halloween costumes and other terror-related stuff to wear, watch or read.

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