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HauntedHouses.comOther than having flash enabled, to visit this site you should suspend skepticism and full throttle rationalism for a while, as by entering, you’ll be able to find some supposedly real-life stories about haunted houses; unlike other sites, which rely on forums and user submissions to build content, everything you can read on this site was especially written for by its owner, who is clearly very knowledgeable about these topics.


Using the site to find a haunted house in the US is easy, as you have to select your state from a map, and then a list of all the reported locations appears, which you can go on to read in detail, though unfortunately there are not many images nor maps of the houses to make finding them easier. Maybe you are not that interested in real-life haunted houses (it might be too spooky, especially if you’ve read the articles here!), but you might want to learn about touristic attractions throughout the country to visit this summer. Also cool is the index of ghost towns, which will definitely be of great interest for horror movie producers.


Author : Steve Dixon

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