HashAlbum.com – Images & Albums On Twitter

HashAlbum.comHash Album is a search tool for images that have been posted on Twitter. And as you can tell by its name, it is a search tool that takes into account the tags that these images were posted with to begin with.

The objective of this site could hardly be any clearer, then – it wants to let you find all the images associated with any event that Twitterers happen to have posted. Awards shows, civil uprisings, natural disasters… These are the kind of events that people have been known to cover using Twitter in the past.

And Twitter can potentially be used to cover just anything. It has proven to be the tool bar none when communications are forbidden by despotic governments. And we all know that the place to look for images in real time in such scenarios is Twitter. Hence, a site like Hash Album is a more than valuable addition to our array of Twitter-related tools.

HashAlbum.com In Their Own Words

Real-Time Discovery of Images and #Topics.

Why HashAlbum.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very simple to keep track of all the images that are tweeted when it comes to specific incidents.

Some Questions About HashAlbum.com

Besides specifying the hashtags to be used, in which other ways can searches be refined? HashAlbum.com