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HarvestEating.comHarvest Eating, created by Chef Keith Snow, is not a fad diet. It’s a lifestyle of cooking and eating using methods that have been practiced for centuries all over the globe.

The approach is truly simple: buy foods that are fresh and in-season and then prepare them using whole, natural ingredients produced by farmers, not chemists. If your second-grader can’t read it, you definitely don’t want to eat it. Health is an important issue and taking care of the products you choose to eat, is just as important. Choosing a healthier lifestyle can benefit you and your family, so start think fresh and eat what nature provides. HarvestEating.com is a free social community that features high quality recipe videos from of the nation’s leading chefs. Harvest Eating provides excellent, organic, and healthy recipes along with a great social community for people that enjoy seasonal and local foods. Take advantage of the information offered on this site and start taking care of yourself. HarvestEating.com