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HarringtonBenefits.comHarringtonBenefits.com is the site of Fiserv Health, which provides a collection of innovative products and benefit programs to large the private and public sector; considered one of the largest health plan management companies in the country.

Within this site you will be able to find only the best that technology has to offer, developing all ways to maximize the capabilities to give you extraordinary performance backed by people who know all the sections of healthcare plan management. Within the online menu, you will be able to find many different features to meet the needs of all members, employers and providers, such as Medical Information, with a searchable database of medical information and health tutorials, Provider Search, which allows all users to search all healthcare providers in PPO networks nationwide; there is also a Online Customer Service Center, which provides around-the-clock customer service for members and employers, you will also be able to find a Glossary, which defines frequently used terms related to healthcare benefits administration, and many other features. HarringtonBenefits.com