HandiRamp.com – Buy Ramps & Ramps Products

HandiRamp.comFirst established in the year 1958, Handi-ramps is a company that specializes not only in ramps that are custom-made but also in a wide array of ramp-related products. Its website provides a good overview of the services the company renders along with the items that make up its catalog.

The featured product categories include “Accessibility Ramps” (a solution for handicap access) and “Industrial Products”, where equipment geared towards loading docks and warehouses is listed. For its part, the “Personal Products” subsection is the one that allows individuals to customize their own ramps wit the assistance of the Handi-Ramps team. Other categories that merit a mention include the ones entitled “Pet Ramps”, “Car Ramps” and “Recreational Products”. The latter groups together an all-encompassing selection of ramps for vehicles such as ATVs and motorcycles. The website also includes a “Resources” section where information of interest to wheelchair-bound and physically handicapped individuals is provided. HandiRamp.com