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Handheldpower.comHand Held Power, located in Chicago, offers Real Estate Professionals, Brokers and Lenders marketing and technology solutions to increase sales and communication. They emphasise on mortgage related services but offer a whole lot of tools for Real Estate professionals and more.


Hand Held Power also offers more effectiveness for realtors with handheld personal digital assistants, which are featured and sold. On the website, it explains how you can make your businesses in a more effective way by having this device. With a minimum fee, you will be able to organize your work much more effectively and therefore give more satisfaction to your clients. Other services include Rate Plug, which integrates real-time mortgage payment information with MLS property information, Mortgage Planner presentation software that is designed to differentiate Loan Officers from their competition by providing a detailed, interactive mortgage product and payment comparison to potential customers, and the Wireless service I also mentioned before.


Author : Bill Webb

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