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HandGunForum.netHosting a variety of forums covering handguns in different models, manufacturers and usages, this site is definitely the way to go if you want to connect to other amateur or professional shooters. The site’s design is more attractive than others in its segment, plus it carries a variety of media including photos, videos and polls.

Still, RSS subscription could definitely be an interesting feature to add, as it would allow members to be updated on the hottest topics and come back to comment more often. The forums cover specific gun manufacturers, provide help and advice to buy a new gun, discuss different aspects of gun ownership and maintenance, ammunition and political issues regarding the second amendment as well. Though a recent threads table is presented on the homepage, I reckon the site could definitely profit from providing some advice as to what the best forums for different uses might be, as it seems that law enforcement, for instance, does not get coverage. A ‘useful links’ area or recommendations on third-party tutorials could also be interesting, as it would help users searching for topics the forums don’t cover in depth or at all. HandGunForum.net