HabitatForHorses.org – Habitat For Horses

HabitatForHorses.orgA horse like a dog requires constant care and deserves a good treatment. If you have an equine and it needs protection or assistance, check out this site.

At habitatforhorses.org you will see lots of information related to horses, for you to be informed and know how to react if your horse has an emergency. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links on top, such as: programs, rescues and seizures, join campaigns, adopt a horse, etc. At the left side of the webpage there are other links as well: sponsors and support, associations, policies and forms, etc. In addition, there is a section designated to stories in which you will be able to read many memorable stories about many horses. Within the rescues and seizures section there are diverse links for rehabilitation, seized horses, anti-cruelty laws, and state and national rescue links, among others. HabitatForHorses.org