KillerStartups – Follow The Track Of Guru Investors

Gurufocus.comGuruFocus is the website of a group of people who try to learn a lot from successful investors, so that they can do their own part in this financial race. With this purpose, they track the Stock Picks and Portfolio Holdings of guru investors like Warren Buffett, George Soros and other. was founded in 2004 by Dr. Charlie Tian. A value investor in heart, Dr. Tian feels that he would make a lot less mistakes if he selects stocks from the ones that have been researched by the best investors in the world. Therefore, he developed a new method: reading the commentaries and shareholder letters of those investors is a great way of learning from them. This is the way he found to generate investment ideas. The site offers great capabilities and technologies in tracking the stocks, mutual funds, and most of the hedge funds. Currently, they we have three levels of memberships, but you can also get the free trial and check how good they are.

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