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GuitarSite.comDid you know that Paco de Lucia, a remarkable flamenco guitar player took up the guitar at age seven and started receiving lessons from his father? If you want to be like him, if you want to participate in the Guitar Across Styles festival you need a site you can rely on to discover the magic of this instrument. Check the latest guitar videos, take guitar lessons to play like Chuck Berry or B.


B. King, read music news, access discussion forums, check out guitar magazines like Harmony Central or GuitarBase or just read information on guitar players, music bands and many artists. Have you always wanted to play this instrument, but never got around to actually getting started. is a good reason to begin. You will learn how to hold it, everything about scales, chords, a few basic tips on hand tapping and much more to become an outstanding guitar player, perhaps as famous as Paco de Lucia, who knows…


Author : Fred Inman

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