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Guinness.comGuinness is probably one of the most famous beers around the world. This Irish black beer is drinked and worshiped all around the world by millions everyday. is the official website of this delicious Irish stout beer. Here you can learn everything about the beer and the company, the history, and the different products. You can also access to a series of multimedia resources featuring videos, music, sounds, and pictures of Guinness. See all the most famous TV ads of the beer, the classic ones as well as the most recent ones. On the download section you can find hundreds of wallpapers, screen savers, e-cards, and more. Also, you can access to the Guinness Webstore where thousands Guinness related products are being sold online. Find T-Shirts, key holders, umbrellas, post cards, books, etc. Almost everything you can imagine is here. Finally, if you are going to Dublin, don’t miss the address of the Guinness Storehouse.


Author : Liam Gray

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