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Gtrnissan.comFirst released in Japan in the year 2007, the Nissan GT-R is a high performance vehicle that continues the tradition of the Nissan Skyline. Its official website can be found at GtrNissan.


com, and it includes all the details and background about the coupe. A whole section of the site is devoted to a virtual drive that shows the car in all its glory as it swings into action. On the other hand, the site features pages devoted to the history of the vehicle, including an overview on its development and engineering process, from its inception to the final product. In addition to that, the impact of the coupe in popular culture is covered in the “GT-R Culture” section, which by means of an interactive globe lets the visitor know more about the influence the vehicle has exerted in the different locations where it is available. Information for locating and contacting GT-R dealers is also provided, and those interested can request a free eBrochure by following the pertinent link.


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