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GryffindorGazette.comIt doesn’t matter that there are no more Harry Potter books to come; there isn’t a sequel to Shakespeare and people go on reading (and writing about) it, so there is no reason why Harry Potter shouldn’t get a site scrutinizing the books, the movies done and being done on it, and this is one of the many, many sites that look into those topics and aggregate content from different sources dealing with them. By visiting GryffindorGazette.

com, users will be able to read about the books, the movies, J.K. Rowling, the actors in the movies, enter contests, download fonts, learn about related books being published, and even listen to selected tracks of the Harry Potter audiobooks. What I found to be the best part of the site is the one dealing with fan sites, lexicons and timelines of the books which can be found on the internet, which are definitely very useful for some close-up exegesis. The site is written by a Harry Potter fan in a simple tone without jargon, which in turn means that it is suitable for all audiences, young and not so much.