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Greenona.comWhether you’re a hardcore eco-warrior or just someone who’s realized that your carbon footprint is wreaking havoc on this planet of ours, Greenona will serve all your green search needs. After all, if you think green, live green and preach green ( or at least endeavor to do so), then searching green is an obvious extension of the green ideal.


Greenona is a vertical search engine which focuses specifically on all things concerning the environment. There’s a huge search bar spanning the page, below which is an equally sprawling tag cloud picking off the top 500 searches, should you need some searching clues. Tabs allow you to glance at the top 100 Clicked Results, the top 500 visting Cities and Countries, as well as the last 100 Searches Map—apparently most searches come from Central Europe. Greenona’s also got a job board, with green jobs of course. In Their Own Words

“ is a vertical search engine dedicated to helping you find the latest green resources on the web. Our goal is to provide highly relevant clustered search results to help you access green information faster.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This search engine provides the green community with relevant and compelling results. The tag clouds are practical, as users can incorporate tags into their own searches for quicker results. Also useful are the folders clustering search results by category.

Some Questions About

Greenona lacks search filters. Where are the advanced search options? Why are there no options for filtering by media type and source?


Author : Siri Marshall

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