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GraffitiCreator.netIs there anything better than a graffiti-styled logo for keeping your street credentials intact? That seems to be the inspiration that drove the creators of this site all along. Here, you will be able to use a flash tool that will let you design a graffiti-styled logo in just a couple of steps. And those of you who have no ideas for a logo can just input their names for them to be rendered in a graffiti-esque way.


Using GraffitiCreator involves picking the colors that you want from the provided palette, adjusting some basic RGB indicators and (if you feel so inclined) apply some of the advanced effects that are made available. Absolutely all of that can be done for free, and the results can be put both to personal and professional uses. You can use the logo on your site, have it placed on promotional leaflets…Users of are even allowed to sell the logos that they create through the site. So, that is pretty much all the uses one could think of successfully mapped out.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A site like GraffitiCreator will let just anybody come up with professional-looking graffiti, and have them put to the uses that they want.


Author : Steve Dixon

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