– GPS’s And What You Can Do With Them

GPSlodge.comHere’s another feed for that overcrowded RSS reader of yours: is a blog about GPS devices and nothing but GPS devices, and your chance to learn about the latest advances in this technology, read reviews about products that are only being developed or have launched recently, and even know where to shop for one to carry round in your pocket or fix to your car.

Regardless of whether your are fascinated by GPS and know everything there is to know about them, or are just researching what to give to your father in law as a present, the shopping guides will be of great use, as they’ll briefly point out the advantages of one product over the other, and also some of its most salient features or shortcomings, together with links to the third party seller where you can get it from, so it could be the case you could solve the whole present issue in less than half an hour, and all that thanks to this blog. One of my absolutely favs about this site is the fact that all news can be read or heard using OdioGo technology, which converts text into speech with astounding quality, so you can listen to the latest GPS news online or download them to your iPod, plus this feature allows people with sight difficulties to keep up to date with tech news too.