KillerStartups – Internet’s Universal Search is a new and very helpful search service that can perform searches in several content-rich web sites without you having to enter the same keyword over and over again on each site.

All you have to do is place your search term once at Goyoke and click the web site you want to search on. You can click several web sites and perform your search easily and fast. All major news, shopping, photographs, reference, movie reviews, scientific, and many other web sites are ready for your to search with a click of a button. The results will be displayed in a new window. In case you just want to go to any of the web sites listed without performing any search, just click the site without entering any keyword and Goyoke will open the site clicked at its home page. This site helps users to perform searches on all major content-rich web sites providing easy access to relevant and constructive information on the internet. Many users don’t have access to what is useful on the web.

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