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Gotrusted.comDeveloped by Go Trusted, a company that has its seat in Miami, GoTrusted is a software that caters to those who are looking for internet security solutions, be it individuals, small businesses, or big enterprises. The GoTrusted Individual version is intended for single users, and provides secure tunnel access at high speed for a small fee.


It can be tried for free, just by creating an account. An account can be created online by means of submitting some information such as e-mail and password, and agreeing to the terms of service. On the other hand, the Small Business version of GoTrusted has been devised for businesses that employ between 5 and 25 employees, and for which the protection of customer data is pivotal. It offers secure tunnel access for multiple users, at low rates. Finally, the Enterprise edition of GoTrusted has been designed for companies that employ over 25 individuals, and require protection for their remote employers. There are custom solutions available, and discounted rates are offered.


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