GoogleSightseeing – Discover the World

GoogleSightseeingWhy even bother to make flight plans or book hotels if you can discover the world with only a few clicks of your computer mouse? What is this crazy idea that I’m talking about? This is, here you will find a wide selection of views of different locations of the world.

All this is done with Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Earth is a program that works with satellite views. So if you want to go to Paris all you need to do is select Paris at the search box and you will discover every part of it through the satellite pictures that Google Earth provides. At the site you will be able to find many categories for you to choose from such as About: contact the authors, faq, press mentions, extra tools; feeds: latest post rss, comments rss, google earth, google earth latest, email alerts, twitter; network: rotacoo, google maps mania, gearth blog and virutal globetrotting. So if you want to discover the world at the comfort of your home then you should visit this site. GoogleSightseeing