– Discover If He Or She Is The Right One

GoodCrush.comThere is nothing wrong with having a crush on someone when you are at school. Far from it, such a situation is the healthiest thing around… as long as you read the signals right, and you are able to realize that the whole scenario is a “no go zone” if it comes to that.

What this web service does is to try and make things easier on everybody by letting you find out if the guy/gal you are crushing on is keen on you, or if he/she couldn’t care less. That is found out in a very dynamic (yet subtle) way. All you have to do is submit the e-mails of your crushes and they will be asked to submit their crushes in turn. The system keeps your name and e-mail anonymous at all times, and if there happens to be a match you will be notified so that you can stop playing “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Also, since you can provide the name of up to five crushes at the same time the site is certain to accommodate even those who suffer from the acutest love at first sight syndrome. And in the event your Campus is not supported yet, simply request it be featured through the site – a link is provided on the main page. In Their Own Words

“Is your crush a match?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a system, it is quite ingenious not to mention potentially useful – just think of all the heartaches you could avoid through something like it.

Some Questions About

Is there something like this for people in other countries?