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GoldenEagleLogHomes.comTree hugger boy meets tree house girl, and as the saying goes, they might love each other, but where will they live? Easy: in a log home, so sometime in between wedding arrangements and honeymoon, they should take a look at this site, an architect studio specializing in designing log homes, and selling the logs and woods to have a third party come in to build it, plus they manufacture prefabricated log homes, a full catalgoue of which is available from the site. The advantages of hiring a firm like this one to design your home or getaway cabin are self evident: wood is a rather complex material with lots of peculiarities to it (it comes from a living thing, no less), so having an expert dealing with it seems the safest way to go, plus it’s easy: you should first take a look at the ‘Getting Started’ section to get familiarized with what the company does and what the steps to get from dirt to done are.


Probably the wisest thing to do next is to explore the image galleries or take the virtual tours to discover what other clients have done and get some nice ideas. The FAQ section includes lots of useful suggestions on how to plan your building activity or how to hire a contractor, plus extensive financial information and pricing estimates (al projects are tailor made, so it’s hard to produce a pricelist); what’s more, you can even look at diagrams of how to set and arrange the logs in the building process, so you can check with your contractor if she can do it. is one of those rare sites which has managed to present all the information its prospective clients might be interested in getting, though maybe a directory of local builders could be a good addendum.


Author : Steve Dixon

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