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Godsmack.comWhether you are a Godsmack fan looking for its latest news, or you would like to watch the band´s latest video clip, is the site you should visit.

This is the band´s official site and will provide its visitors with news, biography, tour dates, reports from the road and so much more. Want to know everything about how the band was created and about Godsmack´s members? Then, go to the band section and find all the information you are looking for. If interested in buying the latest or past albums, you can do so right from the page; click on the albums you are interested in, in order to get more information and details on them. DVDs are also offered on the site for you to purchase, if interested. If you would like to interact with other Godsmack fans, you have the possibility of doing so in the forum provided on the site; if interested in being part of the forums, you must first register.

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