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Godsaidmansaid.comJudging by the name of this website, it’s easy to imagine what you can find here. Godsaidmansaid.

com is a religious website whose purpose is to prove, scientifically, scholastically, and pragmatically that the bible was written by the hand of God himself. According to the authors of this website, since there is a large number of religions (more than 1.700), the chances of finding the truth are not good. That’s why, they decided to create this website, in order to show “the real truth” to all the truth seekers out there. So, here you will find a series of articles and studies that try to prove the existence of God and the truth of the bible from different perspectives like archeology, prophecies, scientifically, etc. All the latest news and articles about religion and related issues are posted here, as well as opinions on some of the world current affairs like gay marriages, the church, etc. Godsaidmansaid.com