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Glue.Yahoo.comYahoo Glue is a service that will enable you to put together different topic pages for browsing convenience. That is, you will be able to conduct a search that returns different media contents for you to explore – all grouped in the same page.


For instance, I keyed in “The Who” to see what came up, and information such as concert tickets and news was presented alongside pictures showcasing the Shepherd Bush boys in all their glory, and videos from popular hosting services that could be watched right away. Moreover, album reviews taken from pages such as AMG were displayed.

On the other hand, by furnishing “James Bond” as a query I came across all the past, present and future information as regards 007, including reviews of Quantum of Solace and box-office figures. Media contents such as photos and YouTube videos were likewise featured, along with an “Answers” section.

You can try Yahoo Glue for yourself by following the link that is provided, and weigh up in person the impact it can have or not as far as carrying out online searches is concerned. In Their Own Words

“Get great images, videos, articles, and more all on one page. Glue topic pages help you get to all the information you want with just one click.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides ready access to different media under the same URL.

Some Questions About

How can this service be furthered and improved?


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