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GLU is a Rich Media Community, Management System and Flexible Development Framework developed by DDX.


GLU aims to bring social web users, designers, developers and content providers together under one platform and enable them to leverage rich media functionality and create greater value for themselves and for others through the platform and through collaboration with each other.

GLU provides more sophisticated widget and component functionality combined with a powerful rich media management system, and provides the framework for others to contribute similarly. In Their Own Words

Key with GLU is its flexible development framework, already utilised commercially by clients such as MySpace, MTV and Mambo.

This framework enables designers and developers to produce projects more quickly, with more functionality, and with a higher degree of sophistication.

In addition to building GLU, DDX has utilised it for their own commercial projects and in some cases has been able to double the amount of functionality within a project and halve the development time for this functionality.

Furthermore, the management system enables different users to manage their projects/widgets/components through a visual WYSIWYG interface, and also at a development level.

GLU is being positioned to provide more sophisticated widgets, components and functionality that tap into media conversion and publishing capabilities, and 3rd party API’s such as Google Maps, for example, rather than just another set of Flash components. This in turn will provide cooler functionality and engagement for Social Web Users.

Content Providers and Commercial interests will be able to tap directly into the platform and the various online communities and provide real value through the distribution of professional content, and by working with Designers and Developers.

A key component for Designers and Developers is the ProductStore which will cut considerable time in building a catalogue based Flash website and content management system.

GLU is more sophisticated, freely available and accessible rich media functionality, for more people.


Author : Bruce Turner

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