– Galaxy Internet Services has begun their operations in 1995 and has provided internet services ever since.

They combine low cost and good quality internet products. Their services include 56k dialup connection, high speed leased lines, and web hosting. They have both residential and business plans. For residential they offer DSL, Dialup, Fiber Optic, WI-Fi, and broadband phone. And for companies and organizations they offer the aforementioned products plus: leased lines, ISDN, Fixed Wireless, Web site hosting, and collocation. If your company requires a website hosting, check out this site then. They provide online support for set up instructions, domain names, e mail support, spam filtering, etc. At the web site you will see a link with the most frequently asked questions regarding hosting services and their answers. If you need more info about the company there is a press release link, as well as job opportunities in case you’re looking for a job.