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GimmeGolf.comAre you a golf buff? If you love playing golf with your buddies but just can’t seem to find the time to get to the green, you should give GimmeGolf a try. Gimme Golf is a free online golf game that allows friends to compete in virtual tournaments for real cash.


After a quick registration, you are sent to a virtual “lobby” to download the game. Although the initial download may take up to a half hour depending on the connection speed, you are rewarded with the complete game: four courses of varying difficulty, complete with lush graphics, and four avatars with distinct skills, and back stories.

The multi-player functionality allows you to compete in pairs, threesome, or foursome games, and the chat function allows you to talk smack during your buddy’s backswing. To get a little practice in, there is a single-player option as well.

Initially, you should expect to spend about 45 minutes on a round of 18, though more experienced players can get to the 19th hole in 20 minutes – perfect for a weekday lunch break. There’s also a stop-and-start function that allows you to come back to your game throughout the week.


Author : Charly Zaks

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