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Gigumes.comTo some, the practicality of a service is what defines is actual greatness. By that reckoning, Gigumes is nothing short of excellent. Gigumes lets people post their resumes online, and employers look them up in a lightning-fast way. The process in which resumes are added to the database has the candidate specify where he is located, and pick the keywords that best define his actual set of skills. The person is given the chance to either upload his resume or have it imported from any site where it is already hosted – whatever feels more comfortable.

Then, once the resume has become indexed by Gigumes employers can proceed to look it up. If the uploader did pick the right keywords when adding it to the database, then it will be findable on the spot.

In this way, employers are given access to a truly large pool of talent spread throughout the whole world. And the site is free to use in all cases – just give it a try. In Their Own Words

The free resume search.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site simplifies the way in which talent can be found and hired online.

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