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GigScore.comI am sure many of you are familiar with They Might Be Giants, one of the most charming bands that the music industry has known. Led by two gentlemen (named John Flashburg and John Linell), they have been an alternative rock attraction for many years now.

Their first albums are characterized by very short compositions (between 1 and 2 minutes each), featuring just the two of them, and the one that closes their self-titled debut is named “Rhythm Section Wanted Ad”. If they had had access to a site like the one being reviewed right now, maybe they would have never recorded that track. So many things have been simplified now that it is funny to look back and see the way things stood before. Of course, knowing the two Johns the way we know them they would still have included that track on their debut album, but that is a different matter altogether…

This site, then will let any musician come across fellow bandmates to play with. In actuality, it features a navigation menu that touches not only upon items like “Find a musician” and “Find a band” but also “Find a gig”. That is, categories that any emerging band or artist could benefit from. As such, paying this site a visit is a sound decision (pun intended) if you are a musician on the lookout for more exposure and work to come your way. In Their Own Words

“GigScore is the ultimate place to search musicians classifieds. Whether you are a local musician for hire looking for other musicians available or a band looking for musicians, GigScore’s musicians wanted ads is the best place to find musicians available. If you are a musician or local group looking for employment, GigScore has a great gig finder.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Emerging musicians and rock stars wanna-bes are bound to have a grand time using it, as it lets them find not only new bandmates but also look up job opportunities.

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