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GigPay – Got a gig? Use GigPay!

GigPay processes payments between live performers and their event promoters or hosts.
GigPay allows live performers, like bands and musicians, to accept payments by credit/debit card, bank transfer or PayPal, using only their email address. The payment clears before a gig and is only released afterwards in order to protect both the Promoter and the Performer.
GigPay is useful as a means of accepting card payment, collecting payment, tracking payments, and of having full control of payments relating to live events.
In addition payment by GigPay can act as a contract, whilst also being a great way to record your live event payments. The system allows both parties to have full control of their funds.


GigPay In Their Own Words

We allow Performers and Promoters to accept or make card payment for their gig, whilst retaining full control of their money.

Why GigPay It Might Be A Killer

It helps live performers accept card payments in a way that is tailored to the live events industry.
Live Promoters find it useful as a way to automate payments to performers like musicians and comedians.


Author : Charly Zaks

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