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GiggleSugar.comIf you’ve done your fair share of stumbling upon this season, you’re probably well acquainted with TeamSugar, a network of blogs cum social network geared specially for women, which covers a variety of areas of interest ranging from technology and gossip to health and fashion as independent sites; is the humor channel of the network, and it works mainly as a blog aggregating news and content from a variety of online sources in video, image and text format sorted out into basically three categories, namely pets, advertising and gender jokes, but also tagged, so you’ll find lots of other things to read about.


The site is updated several times a day, so it’s a wonderful addition for any overcrowded RSS reader, plus it’s filled with quick links to waste your hours away, including most popular posts, editor’s picks and links to related stories across the Sugar network, and games, lots of insanely addictive games. Users can create a profile on the network and use it as a blogging platform, social bookmarking tool and widget creator, which in turn earns them popularity points.


Author : Steve Dixon

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