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GetFreeGlitters.comIf you enjoy social networking and like glitter graphics, don’t miss the site, a new toolbar app which allows you to create glitter signs, layouts and graphics directly from your browser.


You can download the toolbar for free and you don’t even have to register. The advantage of using a service like this one is that you can administer your graphics on the go, in tune with your inspiration and feelings, as opposed to having to go back to some site and browse a preset selection made by someone else. is powered by Smiley Central, so you can get lots of cursors and smileys as well, which in turn ensures that the site is appealing for all ages and interests, since you can choose from a huge selection of graphics, ranging from the most austere or dark designs to the most colorful and cute ones. Also, since Smiley Central is probably one of the largest providers of glitter graphic around, you make sure that you’ll find free and safe stuff that has no MalWare of any kind.


Author : Steve Dixon

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