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Get-Direction.comGet Direction is a new route finder that already covers most cities and metropolitan areas. Those among you who keep on commuting will be able to determine which route to take in order to maximize your time, and also to save on fuel.

The site itself is powered either by Google Maps or Bing Maps – that is entirely up to you. It works the same way in both cases, as all you are requested to do is to write the address you have to get to and the one you are departing from for the best routes to be analyzed, and presented back to you.

Picking on the design of the site would be just too obvious – it is really basic and skeletal. Yet, everything can be clearly found, and nobody would have to think twice in order to launch a search. And the usability of the site is increased by the fact that many tips and suggestions for typing directions are provided. In Their Own Words

If you find yourself commuting around a metropolitan area; then, this could be the tool for you. Route Finder Metro (powered by Google Maps or Bing Maps – your choice) lets you choose from a list of cities and places in a metropolitan area and makes it real easy to find directions and distances from one place (or city) to another.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Commuters will be given an excellent chance to save on costs and time through it.

Some Questions About

Are these directions printer-friendly?