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Gamerscoreblog.comAre you a gamer? Recent statistics would lead us to believe that a staggering seventy two percent of us in the United States are keen gamers, be it on consoles or with computers. Do you enjoy spending your hours sat in front of you high definition television playing games on you beloved Microsoft Xbox 360? Would you like to get more information fresh from the people in the know about the Xbox 360? Gamerscoreblog.


com is the web site created by and added to by the employees of Microsoft’s Games Global Marketing Team, so although you will not get an impartial view of what is coming up, or what is happening with the Xbox 360 on this site, you are sure to get all the good new early. The team offers you information on new games and innovations from Microsoft as well as other stories and links related to the Xbox 306 games console.


Author : Bill Webb

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