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GameDiscovery.comBack in the days of Atari, not in your wildest dreams could you dream to play World of Warcraft as you do right now, but there was people who were. We already have World of Warcraft, but who is thinking of the MMOs of the next generation? The member community of GameDiscovery.


com, that’s who. By joining this site, you can see what other expert gamers’ ideas for new games are, explained in full detail: the stories, the different levels, the functionalities, and every other aspect of games to be developed are featured here. For the time being, the comments are disabled, but scheduled to run again soon. You can also find tech information on game engineering too, as there is a forum dealing with software, apps and platforms as well. If you want to know what the people in the think tank have thought of new releases, make sure you check out the reviews section, or go over to the cheats area to discover tricks and tweaks you can perform on your favorite games, which in turn can help you to develop cheat-proof games by observing the cracks and leaks others have. Also interesting about the site is that it provides a directory of schools and universities which offer tuition and research programs for game development, so if you want to pursue a career in this area, is a good place to start researching.


Author : Steve Dixon

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