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I have a soft spot for flash games. It could be because some of them tend to remind me of the games I used to play on my trusty Amiga computer way, way back.


Not because the graphic style, but because the emphasis seems to be solely on playability and having a good time. I tend to bypass some of the new 3D games that use every trick in the book because I find that aspect is distracting, but I perfectly understand that people like them for the realism they convey.

Anyway, this startup (which is still being developed and put into place) is a search engine that will let you look up flash games over the web. In order to do so you simply submit the corresponding keyword or keywords and look either for “any of these words” or “all of these words” matches.

The site also features a space devoted to example searches that you can try out anytime and see what comes up, and start playing right away. In Their Own Words

“The hot new way to search for online games.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those keen on online games will find it an appealing way of finding what’s hot and what’s not.

Some Questions About

What updates are planned in the foreseeable future?


Author : Roger Hollings

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