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GameCritics.comNothing beats finding a good site about a topic you enjoy very much and want to be updated and thoroughly informed about, and if you are a hardcore gamer, taking a look at this site will definitely be a high point in your day, as it presents nothing more and nothing less than original game reviews, commentary and accessory information, targeted obviously for gamers, and for parents as well, which is something that clearly sets it apart from the myriad of competitor sites. There are mainly three kinds of articles to read at this site, and all of them have their special charm: number one is, obviously, the reviews in themselves, which usually present several screenshots, comparison to similar games, review of difficulty level and other interesting insights, all packed in less than 500 words.


The second review format is the ‘Consumer Guides’, which highlight the interest and downfalls of a certain game for different audiences, for instance, instructing parents to watch out for the extreme violence of a certain game, or Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers about sound relevance when playing. The last option is the feature articles, where you will be able to read pieces which analyze the trends in gaming, graphics, violence, tech, themes and other areas of interest for thoughtful gamers. If you are looking for cheats and walkthroughs, note that you won’t be able to find them on the site, though you can find links to recommended sites which do. If you are a gamer yourself and want to share your views with the world, you can join the site and comment on the forum area, or alternatively write your own reviews and send them to the site, which might buy them or actually hire you to publish your material.


Author : Steve Dixon

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