KillerStartups – General Atomics Official Website

GA.comThe company we know as General Atomics was first established in the year 1955. As of this date, the California-based enterprise stands as one of the world’s leading resources when it comes to high-technology systems.

These range from electromagnetic systems and airborne sensors to advanced wireless and laser technologies. In addition to describing each one of these solutions in a concise manner, the site includes a section entitled “GA Procurement” that lists bid opportunities and small business programs. For its part, job opportunities are individualized in the featured Careers Center, which details the requirements that must be complied with in each case alongside the benefits at play. Moreover, thorough visitor information is provided including maps and directions for easy reference. Information such as nearby hotel and their rates is featured as well. Lastly, the website links to the General Atomics’ Sciences Education Foundation where a wealth of educational resources can be procured.

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