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FxGround.comForex, short for Foreign Exchange, is one of the several markets into which Foreign currencies, stock and assets are traded. Knowing how sensitive these markets are to information and leads, stock brokers and managers are always in search for a source of unbiased reviews, analysis and data, and thus comes FxGround.


com, which positions itself as the ultimate place from which operators can get a crash course and quick insight as to what’s happening in the Forex market. The site targets highly proficient traders and beginners alike, by providing a very detailed and useful “School of Pipsology”, where you can learn all the stuff you need to get around in the market and take advantage of a great tool like In regards to those advanced users I was mentioning, the scope and variety of services they can get from this site is truly impressive, just take look at stuff like the Forex Reviewer Club, where all the site’s registered members review other Forex information tools and sites to determine which the most unbiased, useful alert senders or brokerage firms are. All the community votes affirmatively or negatively on these reviews and thus they come up with a consensual result on the web’s best Forex tools. Other than this, the site provides its users with valuable resources like RSS feeds, latest multimedia news on the market tendencies and a forum, plus an extensive selection of blogs which over financial and forex topics. In Their Own Words

“ is a new forex review center where you can find latest insight and information in current forex resource.FXground is a forex reviewer club and forum discuss place. Here you can review forex brokers, forex signal providers, Trading systems, forex education mentors and account managed companies. Whether you are an expert or new to forex trading you must have had good and bad experiences. You may have lost money because of trade executing problems of the broker or may have had some shocks when you noticed that the signal provider you have been trusting is a fake and have disappeared with his smart looking websites”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has a big chance of becoming a killer startup for the simple reason that it tackles a concrete need, which is that of unbiased information on the Forex Market, and since all information can be reviewed by all users, it is a very good way to get quick insight on the market by the people who know it best. Also, it is important to highlight that the site’s design is very clean and intuitive, so it is extremely useful to get around to what one is looking for.

Some Questions About

For one thing, presents virtually no information in regards to who is keeping it, which is a piece of information that should be there. After all, if the unending quest in the stock market is for unbiased information, this site should state where it’s funding comes from, just to make sure it’s not any individual brokerage firm or financial institution.


Author : Caroline Bright

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